AF Plumbing and Heating Chesterfield

AF Plumbing and Heating Chesterfield

AF Plumbing and Heating Chesterfield Derbyshire - Find Gas Safe Plumbing Companies in Chesterfield17 Creswick Close
Derbyshire S40 3PX
01246 203748

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If you’re looking for a plumber to complete repairs, installations or servicing of gas appliances, please ensure your chosen engineer is Gas Safe Registered. It’s a legal requirement that anyone completing work on gas systems needs to be qualified with the Gas Safe association.

Any individual attempting to work on gas appliances without being Gas Safe Registered (even in their own property), risks being prosecuted and jailed should anything unforeseen happen. Unfortunately, rental property tenants or customers whole families have died after faulty repairs have been completed by unqualified “cowboy” plumbers. Thankfully, it’s law for all rental properties gas appliances receive a Gas Safe certification annually, which helps ensure qualified plumbers receive a constant stream of work.

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