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Common user questions and anwered below;

If you’re looking for more information about our Recommended Plumbers website or questions about the details, policies and standards expected of users on this website. It’s likely to be included in this FAQ section.

Our team welcomes new business listings from any plumbing company or engineer across the UK looking to increase their online exposure. Please click here to submit your details. We’re also happy to consult with plumbers across the industry about optimising their own website, allowing them to naturally maximise the stream of search engine traffic & potential customers.

Any further questions not included within this FAQ section, please click here to contact us or send your email to (!! recommendedplumbers (at) outlook (dot) com !! – all one word, replacing (at) and (dot)!!). We’ll respond to all questions and queries asap.

We offer 2 packages :-

Free standard memberships. We allow all businesses, large or small, to advertise free of charge on RecommendedPlumbers.co.uk

Featured Memberships. Featured members are asked to pay a small fee, which is used to help cover the cost of developing and hosting RecommendedPlumbers.co.uk

Simply go to our add listing page (linked in top menu) and submit your details.
The easiest way is submit another listing.

When our editorial team receive and review your new listing, our team will complete the rest on the backend system.

All featured listings will be formatted using search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to maximise your online exposure..
Our administrators aim to review and accept premium listings onto www.RecommendedPlumbers.co.uk within 2 working days

Standard memberships will be reviewed and accepted onto our site within 4-6 weeks. If you\\\\\\\'d like to promoted online faster, please choose the featured advert.

We don\\\\\\\'t sell advertising, but our team need funds to support the website & their families.
We require and record the IP address (similar to your phone number) on anyone leaving feedback / ratings or reviews of businesses listed on the www.recommenedplumbers.co.uk website. Our system also records the IP address of members submitting new listings to this website.

Our team initially manually confirms any new account leaving their first review. Individuals leaving multiple bad ratings on different business risk being investigated & permanently banned for our group of plumbing websites.

We also research the validity of comments originating from accounts who have also advertised their own plumbing business. Anyone attempting to circumvent this rule (forbidding dual business-administrator / business-reviewer roles) risks having their account permanently closed & details removed from our directory (and group of plumbing websites).

Please contact us (link in bottom menu, located of this page) to request a review. This process is currently free, but will probably become a low-cost paid service in the future (eg. £4.50). Developers need to eat.
Each company is allowed 1 FREE listing. Repeatedly submitting new adverts can result in removal of ALL linked listings.

Companies wishing to add multiple adverts in different locations will need to submit PAID featured listings. These fees help cover the expense of producing of this website.

Plumbers can not review themselves or each other ..

Any users looking to circumvent this rule, especially those caught leaving negative reviews against other plumbers will be instantly banned (including paid featured listings) + permanent removal of all profiles associated with offending account.

Our system does track IP addresses of users submitting information to our website.

Being a British tradesmen is a badge of honour. The administrator & developers involved with RecommendedPlumbers.co.uk have a goal to help build communities and support honest businesses.
Our goal is allowing plumbers to advertise on our website and focus on their customers.

To support the operational costs of this website, our premium package supports recurring fees. Cancellation is easy - simply terminate the ongoing payment within Paypal and your listing should revert to a standard listing.
Whilst both our standard free memberships & premium featured memberships last forever. Premium memberships do require keeping up to date with annual subscription payments. All fees go towards the development of this website and increasing organic traffic.

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